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What I Saw – November 2009

Posted on 30 November 2009 by Derek

when they ask, "where did his life savings go?" Send them this link.


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Our Fair Weather Friends

Posted on 29 November 2009 by Derek

I'm still in shock at the price of a saddle...

What does bees wax candles, a house made out of soy, and a prize winning head of lettuce have in common?

Apparently all together they make for a really good time. I know this because Jessica and I went and saw them all a few weeks ago, at the Royal Agricultural Winter Fair.

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Junior Development Executive

Posted on 26 November 2009 by Derek

Ah Jaws IV... Where a family gets on an air plane in New England, land in the Bahamas... and somehow a shark has followed them there!

See that kid? That’s me, age 10 I believe, having the time of my life at Universal Studios on a family vacation in Florida. So inspired was I by the magic of the movies coming alive around me that I went back to our condo that night and began jotting down dozens of ideas for movies I wanted to make one day.

Now interpret how you will. Perhaps there are some executives who think like a ten year old, or perhaps I was just a kid who knows what sells. Either way, here are some actual entries from my oldest idea book I just stumbled across today…

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2nd Draft of the Pilot Finished

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Derek

From This

Breaking the ideas and scenes down in my office

To This

Finished Script

…and it’s FedEx’d off to LA.

Next step: Nervously wait to see how this draft goes over.


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About a Wall

Posted on 09 November 2009 by Derek

I wonder who their contractor is?

When I was in Washington D.C. a couple of times ago, a little over a year I suppose, I happened across this section of the Berlin Wall. It’s current home is at a place called the Newseum.

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November 5th – This Day in History

Posted on 05 November 2009 by Derek

On November 5th, 1955 Dr. Emmet Lathrop Brown, or Doc. to his friends, was attempting to hang a clock in his bathroom.  As he reached over he lost his footing. Dr. Brown slipped from the toilet that he was standing on, striking his head against the side of the sink.

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I’m A Bit Behind

Posted on 02 November 2009 by Derek

Better late than never?