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Spec Script Poll

Posted on 29 April 2010 by Derek

From Top Left to Bottom Right: Castle, Human Target, Modern Family, The Big Bang Theory

With the feature script done a couple days before it’s due I am turning my attention to the coming weeks. I have notes I need to address from a producer for my script Aurora and I need to have an updated TV Spec done by next Friday.

With this last one in mind your input is highly appreciated.

Should the Spec be:

Please weigh in by commenting below or tweet me @derekrob

And stop by this site next week, we’ll be posting an outdated (from the first season) script I wrote for Parks and Recreation. ¬†If you’ve been a fan of the show since the first season (last spring) you might enjoy it, if you started watching it in it’s second season it might feel a little out of place (some pretty big changes between the first and second season took place tone wise)… if you’ve never seen the show at all, I don’t know what to offer you.

Until then though, let me know what you think re: Spec Poll


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2nd Draft of the Pilot Finished

Posted on 24 November 2009 by Derek

From This

Breaking the ideas and scenes down in my office

To This

Finished Script

…and it’s FedEx’d off to LA.

Next step: Nervously wait to see how this draft goes over.